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About Me

My name is Ken Jacoby, I’m a 29 year old photographer from Michigan.

I enjoy photographing anything and everything with specific interests in architecture, landmarks, buildings, and Detroit sports teams. I’ve been enjoying taking engagement photos and portraits lately too. In addition to photography, my other hobbies include playing hockey, enjoying music, and just enjoying life one day at a time.

When reflecting on my photography, it has always been being able to share with people what they might have not been able to see. When I take a picture, all I want to do is to be able to capture that moment, that feeling, and to be able to feel exactly what I was feeling at that moment every time I look at that photograph again. Maybe it was the cold chill from the snow, the heat from the sun or a soft breeze off the lake… it is all a part of what goes into my photography. Photography is also an escape for me. There are no deadlines, no project due dates, no one pressuring you for something. It is a way to freeze a moment in time and to think perfectly clear.

I love the city of Detroit, throughout all of the bad press it gets. There is so much to this wonderful city that no one wants to write about that the media always is able to focus on the negative parts of it all. If you want to talk trash, save it. Detroit is a great city that has a great foundation… it just needs the right people to help it out.  My photography is meant to actually capture a moment in time, even if things I take pictures of are in ruins… I like to think about the history behind everything in the pictures.

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